Application Forms and Start-up Checklist

We are a shared kitchen used by several businesses and individuals at the same time. It is important to maintain a clean, sanitized kitchen at all times. We make great efforts to do so and we ask for your support. We comply strictly with the Derry, NH Department of Public Health, our insurance requirements and our own rules and regulations to make our kitchen comfortable and easy to use.

_____ A.  Your company’s Food License. (Not required for home cooks)

_____ B.  Your company’s Insurance information.  (Required of all)

_____ C.  ServSafe Exam.  (Required of all businesses within 6 months of starting at the kitchen)

_____ D.  Application forms with a $50 deposit

Please contact for an application packet and/or a direct link to download individually

  1. Application
  2. Legal Waiver Page 1
  3. Legal Waiver Page 2
  4. Policies and Procedures Page 1
  5. Policies and Procedures Page 2
  6. Equipment List
  7. Equipment Request Sheet
  8. Home Kitchens
  9. Storage
  10. Full description of what you will be making.  We do not allow meats as we are waiting on our FDA and USDA inspection.  Also, we will do different days for savory and sweet items.
  11. HACCP Compliance and Waiver Form 1
  12. HACCP Compliance and Waiver Form 2


_____E. What you need to bring


  1. Clean set of clothes for use inside the kitchen. Suggestions: medical scrubs, full sleeve shirts and long pants and tees.
  2. NO OUTSIDE CLOTHING ALLOWED. You cannot walk in with street clothes and use the kitchen.
  3. Chef’s jacket or apron with long sleeved shirt in the summer
  4. Disposable gloves, hairnets, hats if you have short hair, and beard nets.
  5. Clean shoes for inside the kitchen, We will NOT ALLOW STREET SHOES. Suggestions: Crocs, clogs or clean tennis shoes.
  6. Garbage bags for a 13 gallon bin. We have dumpsters in the back and we will need to throw out your trash when you leave.
  7. Your ingredients, Tupperware and disposables.


Feel free to call if you have any questions, we are more than happy to go over regulations and requirements.  888-625-2111