A Commercial Kitchen for Small Food Businesses, Restaurant Concepts, Professional Chefs and Home Cooks to rent and reach their next level in business.

"Home Kitchens", New Hampshire and Massachusetts are two of the few states that do allow home kitchens but every town is different.  To find out more please call your local Town Hall and find out about residential kitchen permitting.

The following link can help you regarding Home Kitchen Regulations:

Department of Health & Sanitization - Homesteading 

Businesses & Start ups

Baking Classes

Le Petite Whisk provides wholesale and retail bakery, catering services, baking classes for individuals, and team-building baking classes for groups and businesses. Classes March 10th and 31st, April 19th and May 9th 2018 at CCK. Link here to register.

A Kitchen Destination

Creative Chef Kitchens is a commercial kitchen & certified space for handmade, artisan small batch food production.  It is fully equipment with all the basic equipment required of small bakers, caterers and food producers. We will help you start-up in the business, find ingredients, packaging, labels, marketing outlets, streamline your production and identify strategies for growth. We are commercial kitchen space and meet local and state health code requirements for food storage, processing, production and packaging.

Our production kitchen is home to a wide variety of commercial equipment.   Check out the gallery of photos to see all we offer in appliances, equipment and small-wares.  Then, head over to our equipment videos page to learn more about using the larger pieces!